Analysis + Creation

We do both. Generally speaking, we know design. Yet we also understand and embrace the business and cultural landscapes in which we produce design solutions. We’ve experienced how design done well can fire up and sustain a business. Our design process involves an ongoing interplay of both thoughtful, detailed analysis and expansive creation. They feed and direct one another, always operating in support of a stated strategy and in the service of your business.

2D + 3D = Us

Each component of a brand – 3D product or 2D communication – needs to be distinctively built yet thoughtfully integrated. We bring these parts together with our broad product development experience – from lighting manufacturing to corporate identity, from flexographic printing to furniture – to help create a singular experience. We work with organizations large and small, complementing and building upon their inherent strengths.

Care + Responsibility

We approach each project and the people with whom we work with consideration and respect. Understanding the sometimes awesome effort poured into building an enterprise, they deserve nothing less. Before, during and after each project we listen, empathize and proactively address issues to help us move forward successfully, together.

Christopher Smith

Principal designer at East Main since 1997, Christopher Smith practices design as the ultimate manifestation of the liberal arts. Backed by the unique pairing of rational analysis and open-ended creativity, he always works in the service of the big picture while maintaining a teeming awareness of interconnected detail. Raised in upstate New York, he graduated from Hamilton College and then received an Industrial Design degree with High Distinction from the California College of the Arts (CCA). He has served for more than a decade as senior adjunct faculty in the Industrial Design Department at CCA. For more, hit that little button at the bottom of the page.